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Specialising in comprehensive event design and management, our team is dedicated to meeting all your customers’ needs while surpassing your business objectives for hosting the event. Our behind-the-scenes expertise allows you to focus on enjoying the event and connecting with potential customers, partners and colleagues, confident that every detail is taken care of by our skilled professionals. With a commitment to excellence, is your trusted ally for orchestrating seamless and memorable events and conferences.

Our Mission

…is to help you engage, or re-engage, with the people you care about through creative and innovative event & conference design and delivery.

TheEventsPros was formed to create and deliver events that make a difference.  It doesn’t matter if that event is for 2000 school children or a group of 5 department managers from a major company our events are designed to make a difference to you and your organisation

If it doesn’t make a difference to your business, we aren’t the business for you.

Patrick formed TheEventsPros after working in agency for 8 years and prior to that 10 years as a summer camp director in the USA.  Patrick took the skills he learnt in America and used them to help clients such as Sport Northern Ireland, the Department for Communities, the Department for Finance, IKEA, Ulster University, Methodist College Belfast, St Malachy’s College Belfast, Belfast City Council, Ards & North Down Borough Council and many more. 

It’s fair to say, those 10 years in America played a formative role in his personal and professional life.  So, why should you trust and hire a former summer camp director to design and deliver your event, conference or team building day?

We care.  Thousands of families trusted me to look after their most prized possession, looking after the wellbeing of your audience is our number one priority.

We create safe opportunities to try something new.  We want to provide the opportunity to your audience to try something new, to take a chance, to push themselves.  To take another step towards being the best version of themselves.  Always, in a safe environment. Whether that’s on a stage in front of hundreds of delegates or 30ft up in the air!

We use initiative.  You don’t have time for us to bombard you with problems.  We’ll evaluate the situation, create solutions, present them for your approval and then put them into action.

We’re creative.  Ever had to entertain 200 children for 25 straight days of rain.  We love a challenge, we love thinking outside the box and making the lemonade from the lemons.

Selflessness. We understand it’s not about us, it’s about your audience, you won’t see us entering awards, it’s just not in our nature.  You will see us on site first thing double and triple checking everything is in place.  You’ll also see us on site when you leave, ensuring that it’s put back the way we found it as a minimum, although it’s usually tidier!

Contact Details

Patrick Wood 
Managing Director