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St Comgall’s

Refurbished to the uppermost standards, St Comgall’s affords a multi-purpose facility to include office accommodation, function/conference hall, opening out onto a restored central courtyard. In 2025 the accommodation will also provide a permanent visitor attraction outlining the history of the local area and a café and information point creating a vibrant energetic atmosphere for the user.


• Historic Restoration: The building has undergone a £7 million transformation from a derelict school into a vibrant community hub, preserving its Grade B1 listed status and restoring it to its former glory.

• Multi-purpose Function/Conference Hall: Featuring a versatile space suitable for a variety of events, from conferences to concerts, accommodating both private and public bookings. Inclusive of AV and Wi-Fi.

• Central Courtyard with Glass Pyramid Roof: The restored central courtyard adds a unique and visually striking feature to the venue, providing an atmospheric setting for events.

• Exhibition Space and Office Accommodation: Alongside the main hall, the facility offers additional amenities such as exhibition spaces and office accommodations, catering to diverse needs.

• Café and Information Point: From spring 2025 visitors can enjoy refreshments and access information about the venue and its offerings, enhancing the overall experience.

• Permanent Visitor Attraction: An upcoming permanent attraction slated for completion in 2025 will further enhance the venue’s appeal and draw visitors to the area.

• Economic Driver: create employment opportunities, foster business growth, and increase tourist spending, contributing to the economic development of the area.

• Collaborative Effort: The project represents successful collaboration between central and local government, as well as community involvement, reflecting a shared vision for the area’s revitalisation.

• Accessible Location: Situated within walking distance of the city centre and easily accessible by public transport, the venue offers convenience for attendees.

• Inclusive Facilities: Modern amenities include changing place toilets for the disabled community, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all event attendees.

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Joanne Dunn
Business Development Manager

Divis Street, Belfast, BT12, 4AP



Name of Room Banquet Cabaret Theatre Exhibition (stands)
Atrium – Loney Square (Cearnog An Lonnaim)24010243015
St Brendan’s (Halla Naomh Breandain)1007222510